Through this initiative, we're dreaming bigger and supporting all of our women's teams in the largest way possible to keep UC competitive and winning at a high level. I'm proud to support the Women's Excellence Fund and provide opportunities for future generations of investors, doctors, lawyers, coaches and CEOs to be successful on and off the field.


From the fields and courts to the pools, trails and tracks, our 300-plus female student-athletes proudly represent women's programs that are on the rise. The University of Cincinnati has gained ational prominence with recent successes in soccer, swimming, volleyball and track and field, and our outstanding young women across all 11 sports and spirit squads are poised to do more. The Women's Excellence Fund enlists the support of our donors and friends in specifically giving our female Bearcats advantages they need to continue dreaming and achieving with pride and distinction. Established by women for women, this crucial philanthropic initiative is lifting the level of competitive excellence for UC women's athletics by providing needed funding for nutrition, key recovery tools, special equipment, facility enhancements, team travel and much more.


When you invest in the Women's Excellence Fund, you can make an immediate difference for our female student-athletes in the following ways:

NUTRITION The Women's Excellence Fund already has increased each team's nutrition budget, enabling the creation of The Varsity Club at the Richard E. Lindner Center and a student-athlete fuel station in the varsity weight room. Your support further offers our student-athletes a competitive advantage while maintaining better overall health.

RECOVERY TOOLS Our student-athletes need the latest resources and tools to recover and rehabilitate fully after games, matches and meets. Early gifts to the Women's Excellence Fund have provided our women's programs with portable NormaTec Recovery sleeves to keep their legs fresh through grueling schedules. With your help, we can provide game-changing devices like this for more of our women's teams.

SPECIAL EQUIPMENT Thanks to the Women's Excellence Fund, the tennis team provided its players racquets this season—without student-athletes paying out of pocket. Your generosity can help provide necessary special equipment for each women's program and alleviate the financial burden on our students.

FACILITY ENHANCEMENTS From the Gettler Stadium entrance and volleyball's portable floor to Keating Natatorium's new school record boards, these enhancements have been made possible by the Women's Excellence Fund. Through your support, we can continue making our home courts the class of the league.

TEAM TRAVEL The Women's Excellence Fund supports enhanced travel options for our women's teams to minimize school days missed for travel and competition. The fund already has benefited the women's volleyball team, and your investment ensures that academics remain the first priority for all of our female student-athletes.



This isn't just about excelling in women's athletics—it's about empowering our Bearcats to new heights in their pursuit of excellence as students, leaders and athletes.

The Women's Excellence Fund aims to capitalize on the growing momentum in UC women's athletics so our women can further excel in competition and in life. With your support, you are providing our female student-athletes every opportunity to continue growing, thriving and achieving.

To learn more about how you can make an immediate difference with your gift to the Women's Excellence Fund, contact the UCATS office at (513) 556-4884 or email