Nomination Process

UC Foundation board members are passionate about the university and work to advance the goals of the foundation. The nomination and recruitment of board members is a process of strategic, thoughtful consideration undertaken by the Committee on Trustees. All nominations are for up to three, four-year terms and are strictly confidential.

How to nominate a Board member:

  • Complete nomination form (online or by mail)

  • Submit letter of recommendation

  • All submissions must be kept confidential

Ideal candidates:

  • Ability to give and to raise funds for UC and/or UC Health

  • Strong ties to the university and/or UC Health

  • Demonstrated commitment to UC and/or UC Health, including involvement with a school, campus or other program

  • Highly valued in his/her profession and/or community

Letters of recommendation should be limited to one page and include:

  • Recommender’s relationship to the potential nominee

  • Potential nominee’s ties to UC and/or UC Health

  • Candidate's influences on his/her profession and/or community

  • What influences the potential nominee could have on the UC Foundation Board and also at UC and UC Health (or those he/she has already made)

Nominee review:

The UC Foundation Board’s Committee on Trustees reviews each nominee and determines whether to advance the nomination. Potential service on the Board is discussed with any candidate who is recommended by the Committee on Trustees and approved by UC Foundation's Board of Trustees.