The Herschede Society

At the University of Cincinnati, Joni Herschede is synonymous with the generous sharing of time, talent and treasure. Before passing away in 2005, Joni established a legacy that has not only helped shape UC, but will continue to drive the university's growth into the future. Given the profound impact Joni made on the University of Cincinnati, there is no better namesake for our society recognizing individuals who have made their own significant contributions to UC, and who will continue to shape its future.

The purpose of the Herschede Society is to recognize emeriti and retired Board Members of the University of Cincinnati Foundation, and to provide them a forum to remain active and engaged with the University and the UC Foundation.

The Herschede Society was chartered on Friday, April 10, 2015 at the Kingsgate Marriott Hotel by UC President Santa J. Ono and UC Foundation Board Chair, Robert Fealy.  Fifteen members were inducted as charter members.

In chartering the Herschede Society, the UC Foundation seeks to recognize the Society’s members for their contribution to the University and to welcome their input, talents and resources, which are highly valued by the University. The Society’s members are encouraged to:

  • participate in projects which are of special interest to them
  • remain current on the activities of the UC Foundation and the University
  • share their unique historical and institutional perspective with the UC Foundation as they serve in an advisory role

The UC community is grateful for the time and resources already contributed by Herschede Society members. We place a deep value on our emeriti and retired Board Members and want to ensure the relationship we have developed continues to grow. We hope, as our most avid supporters, they will maintain a level of involvement and activity that matches their interests and abilities with our common goal of advancing the University of Cincinnati and the Foundation.


Eugene Allspach
James Blakeney
John Domaschko
John Goering
James Kautz
David Lance
Eva Maddox
Marjorie Motch
H.C. “Buck” Niehoff
Edward W. Wedbush
Nancy Hamant
Reuven Katz**
Jerome Montopoli
Yvonne Robertson
Jeff Wyler


**Denotes deceased