Board of Trustees Resources

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Mission Statement

To support the aspirations of the University of Cincinnati and UC Health through philanthropy by collaborating with the colleges, Academic Health Center and other units to maximize private support. Our advancement efforts promote the development of productive, enduring relationships with alumni, friends, colleagues, students, foundations and corporations.

W. Troy Neat
Chairman of the Board

The Herschede Society

2018 Herschede Society Members:

Eugene R. Allspach
Clark E. Beck Sr., PE, ScD
James E. Blakeney
Henry T. Brown
Jack E. Brown
Otto M. Budig Jr.
Daniel P. Carmichael
Thomas E. Dewey
David B. Dillon
John S. Domaschko
John B. Goering
Donald C. Harrison, MD   
Nancy R. Hamant, EdD
Robert A. Heimann   
Thomas H. Humes Jr.
Marvin P. Kolodzik
David M. Lance
Louis H. Lauch
Jerry P. Leamon
Doloris F. Learmonth, Esq.
William E. Lower
Eva L. Maddox
John M. Mang
Thomas E. Mischell
Jerome P. Montopoli   
Marjorie Motch
H.C. "Buck" Niehoff   
Valerie L. Newell
Yvonne C. Robertson
James E. Schwab
Richard E. Thornburgh
Woodrow H. Uible
Myron E. Ullman III
Margaret K. Valentine
Michael D. Valentine
Edward W. Wedbush
Jeffrey P. Williams
Steven A. Wilson
Frank C. Woodside, III, JD, MD
Jeffrey L. Wyler
Wilbert L. Ziegler
Anthony Zingale