A Hometown Student with a Global View

Samantha RiserSamantha Riser decided she was going to attend another local university—until she toured the University of Cincinnati campus.

“I toured both places on the same day and it was just incomparable,” she says. “At UC everyone was on break but you could still feel the energy. I was like, ‘Wow, I’m really going to have a cool experience here.’”

A self-described hometown girl who walked to elementary school and attended high school just up the street, Samantha said her experiences at UC have expanded her world view. She has taken advantage of many opportunities through the Lindner Honors-PLUS (LHP) program at the Carl H. Lindner College of Business. Her notable resume includes co-op positions at The Kroger Company; study experiences in South America, New York City and Washington, D.C.; service trips in Kentucky and Florida; and leadership positions at the Chi Omega Women’s Fraternity, Student Alumni Council and Lindner Student Association.

Those who know Samantha are not surprised she has shined.

“Samantha is one of the most articulate, professional and self-confident students I have ever met,” says Maureen Bruns, assistant professor at Lindner’s department of accounting. “She has been one of my favorite students because she embodies what we all want in a student—intelligence and interpersonal skills.”

“Samantha is a remarkable and spirited Bearcat,” says Victoria Kuhlman, assistant director of alumni engagement at the UC Alumni Association. “Since her freshman year, she has taken a deep dive into campus involvement and servant leadership.

Her willingness to volunteer, endless amounts of energy and heart for others make her rise above the rest.”

Samantha RiserSamantha credits her LHP and Joseph A. Steger Presidential Scholarship for her success. Whether she is learning international business in Chile, building homes in Appalachia or taking a business etiquette course, scholarships support her endeavors.

“I don’t think I would have liked college nearly as much as I do because the pressure I see on my peers to be able to pay for things just like books is incredible,” she says. “It definitely empowers you to really branch out and take that extra step to learn beyond the classroom.

As a fifth year accounting and business analytics major, Samantha sees both Cincinnati and the greater world in her future.

"I've literally explored the world and discovered my career passions,” she says. “No matter how ingrained you think you are—people say ‘West Siders’ never leave—I proved you can stay here and leave at the same time.”

“There is a ton out there but I also think seeing what’s out there makes you appreciate what you have,” she added.

Samantha appreciates both her hometown and UC.

“I really hope to give back tenfold when I do graduate,” Samantha says. “I’ve been given the tools to be a successful young professional and the more I grow I’ll be able to give my time, talent and money back to the university.” 

Spoken like a spirited Bearcat.

Learn more about the new Lindner College of Business and its fall 2019 targeted opening at foundation.uc.edu/Lindner.



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I've literally explored the world and discovered my career passions.”
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