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Serving as the cornerstone scholarship program, the university-wide Cincinnatus Scholarship Program recruits, awards and enrolls the brightest and most promising incoming freshmen.

No longer are students filling out tedious scholarship application forms. Instead, individual admission applications (including personal statement, transcript and test scores) are reviewed to determine qualifying students.  Awards are made based on academic program.  Selection of scholars celebrates student leadership, academic excellence and personal growth.

Commitment to community service is also an important criterion in the awarding and continuation of scholarships throughout the undergraduate degree program.  Just as Cincinnatus led Rome to victory, yet declined his right to rule the city, scholars are asked to emulate the citizen-farmer's selfless deeds.  Students fulfill part of their scholarship renewal through meaningful, personally rewarding and often academically relevant service that helps to shape the world around them and provides a difference to persons touched by the time and talents given.

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As a donor, you provide vital support to the university's central scholarship mission and recruitment efforts.  You know your contributions recognize and assist outstanding students campus-wide who are also committed to extending concern for others.  As well, you can inquire about giving plans that allow for donor recognition in the specific awards offered to students through the Cincinnatus Scholarship Program.

The Darwin T. Turner Scholars Program is one of the oldest ethnic scholarship programs in America. It was named after Dr. Darwin T. Turner, the youngest person ever to graduate from UC; having done so at the age of 16.

The program provides full-tuition scholarships and stipends to academically talented students of color. Aside from the financial support, Turner also has a program component to ensure the retention, graduation, and placement of students.  Through a close-knit team of staff, alumni, and corporate partners, Turner provides a series of activities and workshops to enhance students’ personal, social and professional development.
Students must submit a formal application to the program and receive an acceptance notice from UC to be considered for admission.  In addition, they must also be residents of the State of Ohio.  While in the program, students must maintain high academic standards, participate in designated activities, and conduct 30 hours of community service annually.

Since 1976, approximately 700 students have joined the ranks as Turner alumni – some of the nations’ most outstanding citizens and brightest professionals.


Contact Information

Brandi N.H. Elliott, EdD
Director, Office of Ethnic Programs & Services
(513) 556-6008

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Through the generous support of UC’s alumni community, the UC Alumni Association awards more than $100,000 each year to approximately 50 exceptional UC students. Current and incoming students are considered for four distinct scholarship opportunities, two of which benefit direct descendants of UC alumni.

The complete admission application (to include transcript and test scores) received by December 1 will serve as the Alumni Association scholarship application for the Christos P. Demakes Legacy Scholarship and the Regional Alumni Network Scholarship for incoming freshmen. Eligible students will be identified and invited to submit next steps for alumni award consideration.

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Athletic skills are often a young man’s or woman’s only avenue into higher education, where they can gain the knowledge and growth that make career goals possible. Each year, UC provides full and partial scholarships to more than 300 men and women who challenge themselves by pursuing an education while following their passions to excel in athletics. UCATS donors (University of Cincinnati Athletic Team Scholarships) provide generous scholarship assistance through annual gifts. The University’s ability to recruit and retain outstanding athletes – and to ensure the educational success of these UC students – depends upon finding increased endowment support for athletic scholarships. A variety of scholarship levels can be supported, in a donor’s choice of sports.

Making education possible throughout UC

Endowment funds may be named in recognition of the donor(s) or to honor or commemorate an individual. Named endowment funds may be created in the following minimum amounts:

Named Endowments for Faculty Support

University Chair -- $2,000,000
Includes Ohio Eminent Scholar endowments of $2.25 million: gift(s) of $1.5 million or more + $.75 million from the State of Ohio

Faculty Chair -- $2,000,000

Distinguished Professorship -- $1,500,000

Endowed Professorship -- $1,000,000

Named Endowments for Student Support

Post-doctoral Fellowship -- $350,000

Graduate Fellowship -- $250,000

Undergraduate Scholarship -- $250,000

Academic Programs & Research

Lectureships -- $100,000

Named General Endowments

Named General Endowments -- $50,000
Includes unrestricted University or college-based endowments and endowed funds to support education, research, technology, libraries, faculty and general scholarships.

In addition to University-defined scholarship programs, donors may endow scholarships in specific areas of study or to benefit a distinct category of students. The focus for a donor-defined scholarship may be an individual college, department or major field of study. Students from identified geographic areas may be selected. Awards may be merit-based, need-based, or a combination of the two. Scholarship recipients may be entering freshmen or upper-level students. Through these kinds of endowment gifts, donors can ensure the continuation of excellence in areas that reflect particular interests.

Smaller endowment gifts also are vital and will be incorporated into the general University scholarship endowment; into Cincinnatus, Turner Scholars or UC athletics; or into a particular college or department. In addition, many University donors support student scholarships through non-endowment contributions, either with one-time gifts or through regular annual gifts designated for scholarships.

Your support of endowed scholarships at the University of Cincinnati will ensure that financial support is available for tomorrow’s students and for generations of students to come.

To learn more about UC scholarship giving opportunities and how you can make a difference today, please contact us:

The University of Cincinnati Foundation
P.O. Box 19970
Cincinnati, OH  45219-0970

Phone:   513-556-6781
Toll Free:  888-556-8889
Fax:   513-556-4300


Class Legacy Annual Campaign

Lindner Honors-PLUS is an educational experience at the UC College of Business designed for highly motivated individuals with superior academic ability and demonstrated leadership skills. This demanding program is designed to provide graduates with the background necessary for immediate productive employment, and to position them for advancement as business and community leaders.

Alumni of the Lindner Honors-PLUS Program (LHP) have begun an annual campaign to ensure that the program continues to provide a progressive, well-rounded, best of kind undergraduate business education.

The support of LHP graduates, UC alumni, parents, students, corporations and friends will help ensure that the legacy of Lindner Honors-PLUS will continue and grow for tomorrow’s generation of leaders.

This is your chance to join the initiative, show your support for a leading business honors program and help propel the Lindner Honors-PLUS Program to a position second to none! Make a gift online today!


Contact Information

Jeri Ricketts
Director of LHP Program


The Kolodzik Business Scholars program supports and develops the passions of a diverse set of students in the Carl H. Lindner College of Business. The program is designed to build a number of resources for each student to take advantage of and better themselves through Empowerment, Flexible Academics, and Professional Experiences. Along with the support from donors, staff, professionals and alumni, the program takes pride in student-led initiatives driven from the governing student body organization, KBSA. The flexibility of the program enables students to pick and choose their extra-curricular involvement, professional experiences, honors courses, international travel and much more to achieve their personal goals.


The Kolodzik Business Scholars Program stresses the following interwoven values within a culture that permeates our students, faculty and staff and that is nurtured through thoughtful selection, modeling, communications and recognition:  - See more at:

The Kolodzik Business Scholars Program stresses the following interwoven values within a culture that permeates our students, faculty and staff and that is nurtured through thoughtful selection, modeling, communications and recognition:

Empowerment - We make our own futures. We value choice, creativity and individuality, seeking continuous personal improvement and lifelong learning.

Additionally, KBS is empowered by its own student board, KBSA.  Members are elected by the KBS body and help establish program ideals and requirements. 

Flexible Academics - KBS students typically weave a unique program that includes double or even triple majoring and minors both in the Lindner College of Business and across the UC campus.  Students can create their own paths that help fuel their passions.  


Professional Experience - While not a co-op required program, KBS students are required to have a Professional Experience. This can include a Linder Professional Experience of a Co-op, Internship or part-time work. Mentoring, KBSA Leadership and many other interactive networking academic opportunities in the College and strongly encouraged.


Ruth Seiple
Director, Kolodzik Business Scholars Program