Philanthropic Support Helps UC Blue Ash Students Study Abroad

Donors have helped shape virtually every aspect of the University of Cincinnati. Gifts to UC create the buildings that comprise our beautiful campuses, fund our top-tier academic programs and provide opportunities that expand our students’ horizons. For a group of students at UC Blue Ash, donor-funded grants provided a once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore the history and culture of ancient Peru.

In May, 11 Blue Ash students and their professor spent two weeks studying and traveling in Peru as part of the college’s accelerated study abroad program. The trip gave students an opportunity to improve Spanish language skills through daily study and immersion in a Spanish-speaking society. More importantly, they were able to explore the history and culture of one of Latin America’s most ancient civilizations.

“Peru is such a beautiful and unique country. As the main host of the Inca civilization, it is a great place to learn about history, art, culture and the pre-Columbian and pre-Inca civilizations,” said UC Blue Ash Spanish professor Angel Anorga, who led the study abroad trip.

For some, the trip presented their first opportunity to travel outside the United States, and a challenge to explore new frontiers – both geographical and personal.

"This trip has helped me grow so much personally,” said Taylar Glasgow, a UC Blue Ash junior studying international relations. “Before, I was not real comfortable with the idea of traveling out of the country, but now I am considering the idea of living abroad for a whole year. As result of this experience, if I am faced with making an uncomfortable choice or taking the easy way out, I am always going to challenge myself.”

Jimmy Mills, a political science and economics major who participated in the trip said he was surprised by his ability to carry on lengthy conversations in Spanish. “I never thought I could do that. The whole experience was amazing, and it has definitely made me more confident in my abilities to explore new places and meet new people.”

For Mills, the recipient of a UC Blue Ash Dean’s Scholarship, that opportunity could not have happened without the philanthropic support he has received from UC donors. "I don't think I can express how appreciative I am for being able to take this trip, it was a life-changing experience that has made me much more confident in my abilities. It is great that UC Blue Ash provides this opportunity and also that I received financial support to make this trip possible."

Donor generosity has transformed UC. For these UC Blue Ash students, it has transformed the way they experience and think about the world, too.

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