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Interdisciplinary Research Programs

Research at the University of Cincinnati has become an inter- and multi-disciplinary effort that no longer resides in a single college. The identification of emerging interdisciplinary efforts often results in new UC centers and institutes.

With your ongoing support of our current centers and institutes, we are able to cross traditional college structures and keep innovation going strong at UC. 

Your support is critical for our continued success.  

Interdisciplinary research efforts will:

  • encourage faculty to seek out new collaborative relationships within the University community
  • provide a mechanism which will enable faculty to respond more rapidly to changing research needs rather than more traditional academic structures
  • make research and educational programs at the University more competitive for extramural funding
  • help with the recruitment of high quality faculty, students and post-doctoral assistants
  • increase the profile and scope of interdisciplinary research at UC

Click here for more information about the Space Exploration Institute

Click here for more information about the Institute for Nanoscale Sciences and Technology.

Undergraduate and Graduate Research Programs

Our students are our future. By coordinating efforts across the university and providing new research experiences for our students, UC will have a significant impact on training the next generation of scientists and scholars. 

An Office for Undergraduate Research has been created to: 

  • centralize undergraduate research opportunities
  • provide more research opportunities for students at UC
  • provide summer research opportunities to a national pool of undergraduates and high schools students
  • centralize grant funding opportunities for undergraduate students

Scholarships for Undergraduate Students to perform research
Funding for undergraduate stipends will enable more students to participate in research programs across the University.  These stipends will not only support our next generation of scientists, but will be an excellent recruitment tool for the University of Cincinnati.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Education and Research Training Programs
Funding for graduate student stipends will support students working across multiple disciplines, and will enable our students to be at the cutting edge of science. Recipients will have the opportunity to be part of an interdisciplinary research team.

Support of Research Programs at UC

At the core of every successful research program is a well-supported infrastructure; but it is increasingly difficult to keep up with our rapidly rising maintenance costs.

Your support of compliance activities, intellectual property and commercialization activities, and research core activities is critical to our continued success. Patenting and licensing our intellectual property is crucial at a time when we are asking our faculty to be even more innovative and to commercialize their ideas.

Though there is current support for many of these activities, the increased cost of doing business at a time of university-wide budget cuts puts these programs at risk. In order to stay at the cutting edge of science, our research cores must stay current and have the most up-to-date equipment.

As the federal funding we rely on for capital expenditures is being cut, now more than ever we must have internal funding to support our research activities.  Please consider making a donation today!

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