W. Troy Neat Cincinnati, OH


Peter E. Landgren Cincinnati, OH

Immediate Past Chair

Robert L. Fealy Chicago, IL


Thomas D. Freeman Cincinnati, OH


Lynnette M. Heard West Chester, OH


Shakila Ahmad Mason, OH
Peter A. Alpaugh Cincinnati, OH
John B. Berding Cincinnati, OH
Elroy (El) Bourgraf Naples, FL
Eric C. Broyles, Esq. Ft. Washington, MD
Robert R. Buck Naples, FL
Kenneth V. Byers, Jr. Cincinnati, OH
Phil D. Collins Cincinnati, OH
Patricia Klingbiel Connell Elmhurst, IL
Sean P. Connell Elmhurst, IL
William J. Davis Cincinnati, OH
Todd C. DeGarmo Washington, DC
Dianne G. Dunkelman Cincinnati, OH
Leigh R. Fox Cincinnati, OH
Jerry L. Fritz Bella Vista, AK
Brian E. Hall Cleveland, OH
Carrie K. Hayden Steamboat Springs, CO
Stuart G. Hoffman, PhD Pittsburgh, PA
Kathryn A. Hollister Cincinnati, OH
Gyan Jha Louisville, KY
Gary D. Johns Cincinnati, OH
Timothy E. Johnson, PhD Cincinnati, OH
Laurence F. Jones, III Cincinnati, OH
Joseph P. Judge Washington, DC
Jerry C. Kathman Cincinnati, OH
Ruthie S. Keefe Cincinnati, OH
Barbara W. Kellar Cincinnati, OH
Stephen E. Kimpel Columbus, OH
Robert J. King, Jr. Cleveland, OH
Eva L. Maddox Chicago, IL
Rae Ann Mang Needham, MA
Darrell D. Miller, Esq. Los Angeles, CA
Joffre P. Moine, II Santa Barbara, CA
William B. Monnig, MD Crestview Hills, KY
Shenan P. Murphy Cincinnati, OH
Russell C. Myers Cincinnati, OH
Jacqueline C. Neumann Cincinnati, OH
Cora K. Ogle, PhD Cincinnati, OH
James F. Orr Cincinnati, OH
Michael J. Paxton Naples, FL
Ellen Rieveschl Covington, KY
Alvin F. Roehr, Jr. Cincinnati, OH
Ryan M. Rybolt, Jr. Cincinnati, OH
James A. Schiff, PhD Cincinnati, OH
Michael T. Schueler Maineville, OH
Richard C. Seal Cincinnati, OH
Shimul A. Shah, MD Cincinnati, OH
Tony L. Shipley Cincinnati, OH
Randall E. Smith Cincinnati, OH
John M. Tew, Jr., MD Cincinnati, OH
Sandra S. Wiesmann Bethesda, MD
Andrea K. Wiot Cincinnati, OH
Gregory C. Wolf Charlotte, NC
Andrea I. Zahumensky Louisville, KY

Ex-officio Trustees

Robert F. Ambach Cincinnati, OH
Jeffrey C. Bauer, DBA Cincinnati, OH
Andrew T. Filak, Jr., MD Cincinnati, OH
Richard J. Harknett, PhD Cincinnati, OH
Lynnette M. Heard West Chester, OH
Sandra W. Heimann Cincinnati, OH
Peter E. Landgren Cincinnati, OH
Richard P. Lofgren, MD Cincinnati, OH
Neil J. MacKinnon, PhD Cincinnati, OH
Kristi A. Nelson, PhD Cincinnati, OH
Kenneth Petren, PhD Cincinnati, OH
Neville G. Pinto, PhD Cincinnati, OH
William C. Portman, III Cincinnati, OH
Gregory W. Rouan, MD Cincinnati, OH

Trustees Emeriti

Eugene R. Allspach* Bellaire, TX
Clark E. Beck, Sr., PE, ScD* Dayton, OH
James E. Blakeney* Dayton, OH
Henry T. Brown* Weston, MA
Jack E. Brown* Cincinnati, OH
Otto M. Budig, Jr.* Cincinnati, OH
Daniel P. Carmichael* Indianapolis, IN
Thomas E. Dewey* Cincinnati, OH
David B. Dillon* Kansas City, MO
John S. Domaschko* Covington, KY
John B. Goering* Cincinnati, OH
Nancy Russell Hamant, EdD* Cincinnati, OH
Donald C. Harrison, MD* Cincinnati, OH
Robert A. Heimann* Cincinnati, OH
Thomas H. Humes, Jr.* Cincinnati, OH
Marvin P. Kolodzik* Cincinnati, OH
David M. Lance* Cincinnati, OH
Louis H. Lauch* Cincinnati, OH
Jerry P. Leamon* Cos Cob, CT
Doloris F. Learmonth, Esq.* Cincinnati, OH
William E. Lower* Cincinnati, OH
Eva L. Maddox* Chicago, IL
John M. Mang* Needham, MA
Thomas E. Mischell* Cincinnati, OH
Jerome P. Montopoli* Covington, KY
Marjorie Motch* Cincinnati, OH
Valerie L. Newell* Cincinnati, OH
H.C. "Buck" Niehoff* Cincinnati, OH
Yvonne C. Robertson* Cincinnati, OH
James E. Schwab* Mercer Island, WA
S. Jay Stewart Naples, FL
J. Clay Stinnett Bellevue, KY
Richard E. Thornburgh* Darien, CT
Woodrow H. Uible* Cincinnati, OH
Myron E. Ullman, III* Montrose, CO
Margaret K. Valentine* Cincinnati, OH
Michael D. Valentine* Cincinnati, OH
Edward W. Wedbush* Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Jeffrey P. Williams* New York, NY
Steven A. Wilson* Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Frank C. Woodside*, III, JD, MD Cincinnati, OH
Jeffrey L. Wyler* Cincinnati, OH
Wilbert L. Ziegler* Ft. Mitchell, KY
Anthony Zingale* Palo Alto, CA
* denotes Herschede Society  

Contact Information

The University of Cincinnati Foundation
P.O. Box 19970
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219-0970
Phone: 513-556-6781
Toll Free: 888-556-8889
Fax: 513-556-4300
General E-mail:

Lynnette Heard, M Ed
Executive Director, Foundation Board Relations
Secretary, UC Foundation Board of Trustees

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    You Make a Difference

    I really don't know where I'd be without scholarship support. I want to thank all of our donors for making it possible for me to attend medical school."

    Malynda Messer, College of Medicine

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    You Make a Difference

    As a scholarship recipient, I want donors to know that one person can make a difference. And I'm grateful someone did."

    Alexia Gaines, College of Engineering and Applied Science

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    You Make a Difference

    Fundraising efforts on behalf of the Ohio Innocence Project played a huge part in freeing Ricky Jackson, who spent nearly 40 years in prison for a crime he did not commit."

    Mark Godsey, College of Law, Ohio Innocence Project

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