Procter & Gamble to Give $10 Million to Cincinnati Cancer Center, in Support of NCI Designation Application

CINCINNATI – Dec. 21, 2017 – Procter & Gamble (P&G) will give $10 million to support cancer research and outcomes across the Tristate in support of the Cincinnati Cancer Center (CCC), a collaboration of the University of Cincinnati (UC), UC Health and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. The donation will support recruitment and research enhancements at the CCC as part of the process of accelerating cancer research in advance of the application for National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation.

UC Researchers working in the UCCI labNCI-designated cancer centers represent the gold standard of cancer research, treatment and prevention. The opportunity for Greater Cincinnati to join the ranks of cities with an NCI-designated cancer center was a motivating force behind the gift, according to P&G Director of Ohio Government & Community Relations Brian Hodgett.

“At Procter & Gamble, we share the passion of the Cincinnati Cancer Center for turning the tide against this devastating disease, one that affects our company, and our families and friends,” says Hodgett. “We hope our gift will serve as a bedrock for the movement to bring the national research funding of the NCI to Cincinnati to better understand and treat cancer in our region and the world.”

Funds from P&G’s gift will support recruitment and hiring of researchers at the Cincinnati Cancer Center, a key focus area for NCI designation. The Cincinnati Cancer Center was established in 2011 to leverage the strength of UC, UC Health and Cincinnati Children’s and to link their cancer diagnostics, research, treatment and care operations.

“P&G’s investment in the health and development of our region shows the spirit of collaboration that is integral to who we are in Greater Cincinnati,” said UC President Neville G. Pinto. “When we come together with shared goals for our community, we can make huge leaps forward in science, in care and in prevention.”

Across the country, NCI-designated centers are hubs for cancer research, receiving a greater share of federal funding and having access to more clinical trials for patients. They are also a talent draw, spurring industry and development in the surrounding community.

UC Researchers working in the UCCI labThe urgency of achieving NCI designation reflects both the increasing share of research dollars going to NCI-designat¬ed centers, and the heavy impact of cancer on the Tristate region. The American Cancer Society estimates more than 130,000 people in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana received a cancer diagnosis this year.

“This is a crucial time in the fight against cancer here in our region,” said Richard P. Lofgren, MD, president and CEO of UC Health. “We are so grateful for P&G’s generosity. They understand that this investment will have lasting impacts on the health of our entire community.”

To support the investments in research and infrastructure being made in advance of the NCI application, the CCC is supported by a campaign cabinet of community leaders and volunteers. The 42-member cabinet is led by co-chairs John Barrett, president and CEO of Western & Southern Financial Group; Eileen Barrett, community leader; John Hayden, president and CEO of CJH Consulting; and Carrie Hayden, community leader.

During the fundraising campaign and multi-year application process for NCI designation, the CCC will continue to support innovative research on all fronts of the battle against cancer, with the aim of understanding the causes and impact of the disease from the cellular to the environmental level.

“Across our institutions, our clinicians, researchers and staff are already engaged in groundbreaking work against cancer,” said William Ball, MD, senior vice president for health affairs, Christian R. Holmes professor and dean of the UC College of Medicine. “NCI-designation will allow them greater access to research opportunities and collaborators, which will enhance their efforts to discover new cures and make them available to our local community. With P&G’s partnership, I am confident we will continue to make significant advances against cancer for our community and region.”

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