Bearcats Food Pantry

Bearcats Pantry Charge

To develop a resource distribution plan that meets the various insecurity needs of the University of Cincinnati student to assure academic and personal success.

Did you know that 20% of students at four-year institutions qualify as food insecure? And at the University of Cincinnati, 70% of UC Bearcats Pantry users are employed, but still need help filling the gap. The Bearcats Pantry is here to support students of all backgrounds and serve the student population. With some UC students facing lack of family support and others struggling to make ends meet, demand has never been higher for the free food, hygiene and cleaning supplies offered at our “local pantry.” Thank to the support of generous UC donors like you, the Bearcats Pantry is able to lend a hand to our most vulnerable students so they ultimately stay enrolled and graduate from UC.

About the BCP

The UC Bearcats Pantry (BCP) and Resource Center provides free food, hygiene items, cleaning supplies, and professional clothing to students of all backgrounds with food and other insecurities. The pantry also provides meal vouchers that can be used at campus dining halls and To-Go Bags that can be conveniently picked up at locations across campus. The pantry is meant to provide supplemental support which means we do not supply enough food to completely eradicate food insecurity. Our goal is to assist students in need by cutting down their grocery bills and connecting them to other resources in an effort to promote independence. To be eligible for services, students must be a UC undergraduate or graduate student.

Founded in 2016 by Assistant Dean of Students, Daniel S. Cummins, the Bearcats Pantry became a reality with the help of a strong and dedicated committee team and other UC affiliates. After more than five years of serving UC students, we are proud of what we have accomplished but we know there is always another student who needs help. We are grateful for the partnerships we’ve established with UC alumni and donors who believe in our vision and mission and provide financial supported to help UC students in need every day. To learn more about ways to support the UC Bearcats Pantry contact Jaime Bitzenhofer.

Support the UC Bearcats Pantry

Select an area below to learn more about funding priorities and how you can make a difference in the areas you value most.

Institute for Policy Research

The Institute for Policy Research (IPR) has been Ohio’s premier multidisciplinary public policy research organization since 1971. The IPR provides cutting-edge social and behavioral research services to community leaders, state and national policymakers, and the community-at-large that advance the University’s education, research, and public service missions.

The IPR has evolved into a fast-paced, nationally recognized authority on public policy. It supports the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of public policies and assists decision-makers at the local, regional, state, and national levels and in the nonprofit sectors with projects in health policy, workforce development, public safety, culture and the arts, and many other issues of broad public concern.

Expanding the IPR’s funding base beyond traditional research grants and contracts would enable the IPR to reach its full potential.  By including private contributions from individuals, families, alumni, foundations and corporations, the IPR could conduct independent, objective research related to public policy issues now and in the future, and especially in pioneering areas where no other funding is available.

Funding Opportunities

Scholarships and Fellowships

One of the important functions the IPR serves is training the next generation of policy researchers through providing opportunities for practical experience in research and mentoring by senior researchers. IPR needs funding for undergraduate scholarships and graduate assistantships and fellowships to attract the best and brightest future analysts who seek careers in public policy research, in government, in the growing not-for-profit sector, in advocacy work, in politics, in academia, or more advanced graduate work.

Faculty Support

The IPR seeks three types of faculty support:

  • An endowed chair for the director 
  • Stipends to fund visiting faculty from a broad array of disciplines within and outside UC to work on projects with IPR staff and student assistants
  • Joint appointments with academic departments, which would benefit students in the classroom by having IPR researchers teach or co-teach classes


The IPR uses costly information processing equipment to maintain its quality, its productivity and, importantly, the confidentiality of records involved in some health-related projects that are based on patient and other types of records.

The IPR would benefit from contributions that will enable it to invest in the latest software to produce better and more plentiful research at lower cost with improved quality control and versatility and  to purchase the best tools we can to provide UC students working at IPR with a professional advantage in seeking their first job after graduation.

Program Support

Unmet needs in public policy research that would benefit from private funding include:

  • Support for the ongoing Ohio Poll, for which the potential sources of funding are often unsure
  • Start-up funds for pilot projects that would enable the IPR to conduct research in important areas that would benefit society and form the basis to seek additional competitive fund
  • A broad base of individual and organizational support that would provide matching funds that are often required by competitive grants
  • Since general funds from UC are shrinking, the IPR must seek support from sources that do not compromise the integrity and credibility of the research

Contact Information

Eric Rademacher
Institute for Policy Research