Free Will Writing Tool

University of Cincinnati has recently partnered with an online estate-planning service called FreeWill to give everyone in our community the opportunity to write their legally valid will, for free.

We've partnered with FreeWill because we want every single person to have access to resources that could change their lives for the better. So many American adults don't have a will because it can seem scary, expensive, or complicated. FreeWill breaks down the barrier by making the process of writing a will simple, intuitive, and always free.

A will is not only the best way to take care of your friends and loved ones after you're gone. It's also an incredible way to create a lasting impact with the causes and institutions that matter the most to you. Many of UC's friends and alumni have included the University of Cincinnati and UC Health in their wills as a way to continue our longstanding tradition of innovation and impact, and create the tomorrow they envision.

It's not too late to start writing your will, and, if you feel moved, create a legacy with the University of Cincinnati and UC Health today. Check it out now!