Corporate Partnership Opportunities

Invest In the Future Through Philanthropy

Private support from corporations and foundations plays a critical role in ensuring that UC can continue to educate the next generation of leaders. Gifts from corporations or foundations can support scholarships, research, academic programs and other initiatives essential to educating today’s students.

Sponsor Events and the Arts

Sponsoring a cultural or other event is good business.  It helps you promote your corporate identity and reach key clients and prospects.  Contact us for information on sponsorship activities that match your marketing objectives.

Recruit and Develop Talent

Cooperative education was invented at the University of Cincinnati in 1906.  UC’s program is among the nation’s best in U.S. News & World Report rankings.  Co-op is the practice of alternating students’ studies with paid, professional work related to their major.

Internships are offered at the departmental level. For more information on supporting internships in departments including Communications, Design, Business and many more, contact the office of Corporation and Foundation Relations.

Experience-Based Learning and Career Education Office is a centralized, comprehensive career services center providing students and employers the quality career services they desire and expect.

The Center for Entrepreneurship Education Research at the Lindner College of Business designs training solutions specific to your organization’s needs and business. 

Workforce development training services can be customized through several colleges at UC, including UC Blue Ash College in Blue Ash, and the office of Educational Outreach and Training at UC Clermont, the College of Engineering and Applied Science, the Lindner College of Business, the College of Medicine Education and Research Center. 

Access UC’s Research Expertise

Partnering with the University of Cincinnati allows you access to UC’s vast expertise in research. UC’s world-renowned faculty has received numerous national awards, including Fulbright Scholars, Lasker Medical Research Awards, Newberry Library Long-Term Fellows, Pew Scholars in Biomedicine, National Medals of Science and Technology and many more.

UC’s involvement in research and education has resulted in a number of discoveries, including:

  • The first antihistamine
  • Co-op education
  • The oral polio vaccine
  • First degree program offered via satellite

UC also has a number of programs dedicated to research and providing expert resources to the community.

Transfer Technology

The Intellectual Property Office facilitates, advocates and collaborates with faculty, students and staff, to support an environment for invention and innovation at UC.  They do this by transferring and commercializing UC's intellectual assets into benefits for our region and the public good.

Customized Options

If you don’t see a specific issue you wish addressed, please contact us. We can help connect you with the appropriate UC resource to design a solution or program customized just for you.

Learn more about UC’s impact on the region and the world.