Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Faculty & Staff Campaign?

The Faculty & Staff Campaign is an annual fundraising effort that provides active, part-time, and retired faculty and staff the opportunity to directly impact the UC community through their charitable donations to UC.

Why must my gift be made payable to the University of Cincinnati Foundation? / What is the role of the University of Cincinnati Foundation in the Faculty & Staff Campaign?

The UC Foundation is the fundraising arm of the University of Cincinnati, and works to raise funds to advance the mission of UC. Your gift is processed through the Foundation, and will be distributed to the college, program or university fund you designate, typically within 30 days of receipt. The UC Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization and receipts for tax purposes will come from the UC Foundation.

Why is my gift important to UC?

Like many other non-profit institutions, UC needs the support of individuals to carry out its mission. Your gift will directly benefit students, faculty and programs at UC. Also, when faculty and staff invest in UC, other potential donors notice and become more likely to invest, too. You can choose the fund or funds you wish to support at UC.

What is the timeframe of the annual Faculty & Staff Campaign?

The Faculty & Staff campaign runs from July 1 to June 30 each year. Any gift* made to any UC fund during the fiscal year counts toward participation for current year’s campaign. * Pledges and gifts through payroll deduction are counted in the year in which they are made. Pledge payments are counted in the year in which they are made. If you make a multi-year pledge (a commitment to give a set amount, for up to five years), we will count your participation in each fiscal year in which pledge payments are being made.
*Outright gifts of cash, checks, credit card or stock are counted as soon as the transaction is completed.

Not everyone can afford to make a large contribution. What difference can a small gift make?

Each gift is important. Collectively, our gifts add up to create a big impact for the programs we support and our university. A high level of Faculty & Staff Campaign participation is also very important to corporations and foundations when making their giving decisions. When faculty and staff giving levels are high, corporations and foundations are more likely to support the UC mission, which makes the impact of your gift even greater.

If my spouse gave a gift, does it count toward my participation in the Faculty & Staff Campaign?

When your spouse makes a gift to UC, you will also receive credit. Your spouse does not need to be an employee or alumnus/alumnae. As we may not have you and your spouse linked in our database, please email to receive credit.

Can my spouse’s company match my gift?

Probably, and this will increase the value of your gift. You can also visit or call 513-556-6781 to see if your spouse’s company matches gifts. Have your spouse contact his/her human resources department for details on their matching gift process.

When will faculty and staff be asked to make a gift?

Faculty and Staff can start making gifts for the current campaign year starting July 1. Some colleges and units choose a dedicated month during the fiscal year in which to promote the Faculty & Staff Campaign. Throughout the campaign period, you will receive information on the campaign, and volunteers from your unit may personally visit faculty and staff and ask them to make a gift to the university.

How can I make a contribution to the Faculty & Staff Campaign?

Make your gift through our secure online giving form, where you will have the option of making a credit card gift, electronic check gift, or payroll deduction pledge. Credit card gifts are only accepted online or by calling 513-556-6781.
If you would like to make a contribution offline, download a pledge card (will provide file) or send a check (payable to the UC Foundation) to:

The University of Cincinnati Foundation
P.O. Box 19970 (Mail Location 0064)
Cincinnati, OH 45219

You can also give your donation and pledge card with payment (no credit card numbers, please) to a campaign volunteer or college development officer.

I’m still paying on a payroll deduction pledge from last year. How will I know when my payroll pledge is complete?

Please call the UC Foundation at 556-6781 or email to find out when your current payroll deduction pledge is scheduled to end. NEW THIS YEAR: You will receive an email and/or interoffice message from the Office of Annual Giving letting you know that your payroll deduction is complete. If you are a McMicken Society donor, you will receive a communication in the mail reminding you to renew your support. Keep in mind that your gift is counted in the fiscal year in which your pledge is made.

How can I create a new payroll deduction, but delay it until my current pledge is complete?

On the pledge card or online giving form, check the box next to “I have an existing payroll deduction pledge. Please start this pledge after the last billing month.”

Are there giving options that can benefit both me and UC?

There are a few recognition societies (Charles McMicken, UC Loyalty, and Herman Schneider Legacy) to show our appreciation for your generosity.

What is The Charles McMicken Society?

The Charles McMicken Society is a giving society that recognizes donors based on their support within two distinct categories: Annual Giving of $1,000 or more, and Lifetime Giving (cumulative) of $100,000 or more. Many faculty and staff are McMicken Society members.

What is The UC Loyalty Society?

The UC Loyalty Society is a giving society that honors and acknowledges the commitment of current and past UC employees whose annual gifts demonstrate their loyalty to UC. For more information, visit: Your donation to the Faculty & Staff Campaign automatically qualifies you for membership in The UC Loyalty Society.

What is the Herman Schneider Legacy Society?

The Herman Schneider Legacy Society was founded to recognize University of Cincinnati donors whose “legacies” to educational excellence are realized through the planned gifts they commit to the university. Planned gifts recognized by the society include will bequests and trust provisions benefiting UC, in addition to a wide array of other possibilities. Explore your options using our Gift Planning site. To learn more about our gift planning opportunities, contact us at 513-556-6147 or

How can I check to see if I already participated in the campaign this year?

If you or your spouse already made a gift to UC this fiscal year (July 1-June 30), your gift has been counted in this year’s campaign. Thank you! Please note that gifts to the UC Alumni Association, Friends of CCM and University of Cincinnati Medical Center (including Lindner Center of Hope) are all qualified donations. Options to check your participation in the campaign are below:

1. You can contact the Office of Annual Giving at the UC Foundation: 513-556-6781 or email
2. Contact your campaign volunteer

Is my gift confidential? / Can I be anonymous and still participate?

Every gift made by an employee is kept confidential. Individual employee gift amounts are not shared with your manager. Your participation (i.e. Yes, John Doe gave; No, John Doe did not give) is shared with volunteers. The UC Foundation handles your giving information confidentially and with care. If you choose to be anonymous, we will acknowledge your gift with a receipt, but will omit your name from donor listings such as our online Honor Roll. Your participation will still be credited to the appropriate college/unit.

Who decides how my gift will be used? / How do I designate my gift?

As the donor, you can select from among thousands of established gift funds. Popular choices include the Next Lives Here Fund, President’s Transformation Fund, college annual funds, departmental funds, scholarships, research, University Libraries, or athletics. The choice is yours.
From the online giving form, click the drop-down menu to view a list of giving priorities selected by your college/unit. Click on the “Add Another Gift” button if you wish to give to more than one priority.
To designate a gift not shown, you can write in the Special Instructions field, or check the box, I do not see the initiative to which I wish to designate my gift and would like to choose from a complete list of eligible funds.
Checking this box will show the “View Funds List” link, which will open in a new window. This is a searchable list of more than 3,000 funds. Clicking on the fund name will populate the giving form.

Is my gift to UC tax-deductible?

Yes! You will receive a receipt from the UC Foundation indicating the deductible amount of your gift. If you make your gift online, you will immediately receive a confirmation and electronic receipt upon the successful submission of your gift. If you make your gift through any other method, please expect a receipt in the mail within 30 days of making your donation. In most cases, 100% of your gift is tax-deductible.

How do I learn more about including UC in my retirement or estate plans?

There are several ways of giving that can provide financial and other benefits to both you and UC. Explore your options using our Gift Planning site. To learn more about our gift planning opportunities, contact us at 513-556-6147 or

I am interested in serving as a campaign co-chair, steering committee member, or volunteer. Who do I contact?

Contact the Office of Annual Giving at the UC Foundation: 513-556-4344 or email