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Cincinnatus Scholarship Program

Serving as the cornerstone scholarship program, the university-wide Cincinnatus Scholarship Program recruits, awards and enrolls the brightest and most promising incoming freshmen.

No longer are students filling out tedious scholarship application forms. Instead, individual admission applications (including personal statement, transcript and test scores) are reviewed to determine qualifying students.  Awards are made based on academic program.  Selection of scholars celebrates student leadership, academic excellence and personal growth.

Commitment to community service is also an important criterion in the awarding and continuation of scholarships throughout the undergraduate degree program.  Just as Cincinnatus led Rome to victory, yet declined his right to rule the city, scholars are asked to emulate the citizen-farmer's selfless deeds.  Students fulfill part of their scholarship renewal through meaningful, personally rewarding and often academically relevant service that helps to shape the world around them and provides a difference to persons touched by the time and talents given.

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As a donor, you provide vital support to the university's central scholarship mission and recruitment efforts.  You know your contributions recognize and assist outstanding students campus-wide who are also committed to extending concern for others.  As well, you can inquire about giving plans that allow for donor recognition in the specific awards offered to students through the Cincinnatus Scholarship Program.


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