Support scholarship programs to make an impact directly on the lives of students in need. Select a scholarship fund below to learn more about special scholarship initiatives and how you can support students today.

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Endowed Funds & Scholarships

Making education possible throughout UC

Endowment funds may be named in recognition of the donor(s) or to honor or commemorate an individual. Named endowment funds may be created in the following minimum amounts:

Named Endowments for Faculty Support

University Chair -- $2,000,000
Includes Ohio Eminent Scholar endowments of $2.25 million: gift(s) of $1.5 million or more + $.75 million from the State of Ohio

Faculty Chair -- $2,000,000

Distinguished Professorship -- $1,500,000

Endowed Professorship -- $1,000,000

Named Endowments for Student Support

Post-doctoral Fellowship -- $350,000

Graduate Fellowship -- $250,000

Undergraduate Scholarship -- $250,000

Academic Programs & Research

Lectureships -- $100,000

Named General Endowments

Named General Endowments -- $50,000
Includes unrestricted University or college-based endowments and endowed funds to support education, research, technology, libraries, faculty and general scholarships.

In addition to University-defined scholarship programs, donors may endow scholarships in specific areas of study or to benefit a distinct category of students. The focus for a donor-defined scholarship may be an individual college, department or major field of study. Students from identified geographic areas may be selected. Awards may be merit-based, need-based, or a combination of the two. Scholarship recipients may be entering freshmen or upper-level students. Through these kinds of endowment gifts, donors can ensure the continuation of excellence in areas that reflect particular interests.

Smaller endowment gifts also are vital and will be incorporated into the general University scholarship endowment; into Cincinnatus, Turner Scholars or UC athletics; or into a particular college or department. In addition, many University donors support student scholarships through non-endowment contributions, either with one-time gifts or through regular annual gifts designated for scholarships.

Your support of endowed scholarships at the University of Cincinnati will ensure that financial support is available for tomorrow’s students and for generations of students to come.

To learn more about UC scholarship giving opportunities and how you can make a difference today, please contact us:

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